Is it Even Real?


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~They Are Different!~



It turns out to be true –
Truth is Stranger than Fiction!

Especially today.  Everything is upside down and backward.  Why? Simple. We are being taken over now.
But that is a subject better tackled in the Spiritual Help pages.

This section contains things that just make you go… whaaaat the?

Yeahhhh.  Ok so, below are a mix of things.

Is Covid Even Real?
These things make us wonder


We’re In A Live Exercise Here
Only a couple of weeks into the “pandemic”, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, stood next to President Trump in an afternoon covid press address, and let slip the words “we’re in a live exercise”.  No kidding.

CDC Inflates the Death CountAnd then we started hearing about (IF you were NOT
watching mainstream NEWS
) how the CDC was instructing medical personnel to list patients
with illnesses, EVEN PRESUMED, as covid.

At the very same time we saw the mainstream news and the CDC telling us how horrible the number of cases and deaths were, Anthony Fauci wrote in the New England Journal of Medicine, an article which told us that covid was not even as bad as the flu, and the numbers were vastly lower than what was being reported…

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Crowded, Overwhelmed Hospitals Actually Empty

And then as hospitals were crying for more P.P.E. and ventilators because they were overwhelmed with vast numbers of covid patients and claiming they could not keep up in the hospitals OR in the testing, at the very same time, normal people were noticing that the hospitals were actually EMPTY, and so were the TESTING TENTS.  People began filming this strange phenomenon.

Another batch of videos filmed by normal people visiting hospitals and they too
and their testing tents were also … empty.

A second video showing footage that normal people took showing hospitals and testing facilities empty.  Meanwhile, T.V. news were all telling how hospitals were OVERWHELMED.  How could they be so daft?  Now that is STRANGER THAN FICTION, isn’t it.

Mainstream NEWS caught FAKING TESTING LINES!  

Then if the above wasn’t enough to make you start pulling out your hair, we start finding out that the mainstream NEWS were faking testing lines!  Now how bazar is that!  This sort of behavior makes you say, whaaat the?#$!  orrr, it makes you start wondering if any of this is even real.


Then we started seeing all these people who died of OTHER CAUSES, such as accidents, strokes, other diseases, were being listed as covid.  Well, that at least makes some sense, it seems hospitals and medical personnel were actually doing what the CDC instructed them to do – to list illness, even PRESUMED, as covid.


People dying of other things being listed as covid deaths,
AND being shown on the news.

Man Dies of Stroke, But Listed as COVID


Motorcycle Crash Victim Listed as Covid


New York Adding People Who Did Not Die
of Covid, as Covid

Ok, so take a deep breath and just ponder this so far.  So far we have the Secretary of State telling us that this is a live EXERCISE.  Ok, ok.  Then we have the CDC instructing medical personnel to list basically everybody even if only PRESUMED, as having covid.  If that isn’t bazar enough we have empty hospitals and testing tents while they cry that they are overwhelmed on the mainstream news, and yah, that’s pretty wackadoo!  And on top of that we find out the mainstream news is actually FAKING testing lines?  Add to it all – People dying of other things, natural causes, other illnesses, accidents, etc. are being listed as covid deaths.  Nowww we begin wondering, have we been transported into some other dimension without our knowledge or consent?  Or do we find ourselves in something sinister? 

Again we really start wondering if this is even real.


Whistleblower Nurse Says Covid Not Killing People

So by now, it’s really alternate dimension stuff.  When, and how did we get transported into this crazy world, this other dimension, without our knowledge or consent?  Where is this place, what are these zombies and who are these brainless zombies running this world system?  How do we get back to our home world?  I don’t know. 

But as I ponder this, I then find out that nearly everyone is testing positive for covid.
Why so many testing positive when the hospitals are nearly empty –
ASIDE from this ridiculous instruction of the CDC to list illnesses even PRESUMED as covid.
Must be hospitals and medical personnel are obeying.  And then there is this –

EVEN FRUIT is testing positive

Fruit Testing Positive for Covid

 So naturally, the next wonder is, well why are so many people testing positive AND even fruit?

Below are two prime examples:

Proof Covid is a Chromosome Already in Your Body,
Not a Virus


This Medical Doctor Shows How Covid Tests Are Fundamentally Flawed
AND Offers $5,000.00 To Anyone Who Can Provide Evidence of a Real Covid Case

Now the CDC Is Even Being Censored!

The CDC has now come out and admitted that death counts were far … waaaay far lower than what was reported.  
Only 6,000 actual deaths!
AND the mainstream T.V. news is working hard to COVER IT UP!


Here below all information may not necessarily be in sequence as to
when it came along in the timeline.


Many of the following clips were headlines on alternative news sources.
Some are still news and will be for some time and others have passed.


Meet a few of the GLOBAL ELITES


Ted Turner Admits to His Desire to  Depopulate
The video to the right of this text, takes you to a man who reads to you
the plan of the globalists and the Rockefeller Foundation.  The Rockefellers, also eugenicists, rolled out the Carona Virus LOCKSTEP plan on their web site some 10 years ago.  But that was only the roll out on the site.  You know it had to have been in the planning long before that.Listen to the man read LOCKSTEP to you as seen on the documents of the Rockefeller web site.  He has a strong accent, so listen carefully.

The World Health Organization and the C.D.C., Centers for Disease Control are also GLOBALIST ORGANIZATIONS.  And the United Nations of course!

They, along with Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci and a huge bunch if other globalists, have a tremendous impact on the world, including the U.S.A.
AND their lockdown measures.

The World Health Organization Confirms that Covid Is No Worse Than The Flu

WHO (Accidentally) Confirms Covid is No More Dangerous Than FluHead of Health Emergencies Program “best estimates” put IFR at 0.14%

by Kit Knightly, of the Off-Guardian

Article Link

The World Health Organization Confirms that Covid Is No Worse Than The Flu