Spiritual Help

Spiritual Help


How To Be Saved

How to be saved in eternity
How to be saved in eternity

It’s the FREE gift of God. Nothing we can do to receive it accept to receive Jesus in our hearts.


There is a DOUBLE You

You were born into a host body system, we all were. We have a normal right side up self, and a demon upside down spirit – both in the same host body. We can only be reconciled and right side up – as one – when we are saved. Jesus then causes us to STAND, or be upright.


The Gospel

Yes, we are at the end. Do you worry for your well being? Your family? Do things seem out of control? Does something just seem wrong in your life? Have you noticed yet that you are in the matrix of a system? This is the way out. We are almost out of time. It is time to choose a side.


66 Facts About the Anti-Christ

Many people think they know who the Antichrist is. Is the Pope the Antichrist? What about Barack Obama? Is President Trump the Antichrist? What about Benjamin Netanyahu? In this video, we cover many of the scriptures, giving you a virtual checklist for identifying the Antichrist. I don’t think there’s a more comprehensive list of facts about the Antichrist on the internet. You’ll also learn the role of the Third Temple in End Times events!


A New Race is Taking Over the Human Race.

And it has been planned for a LONG time.  Do you wonder how everything went upside down and haywire seemingly so suddenly?  What has happened to our world?  
THIS is what has happened.