Busted! Fake News


The ever lying mainstream news media caught red handed in their lies.

Pretty much everyone now knows how the mainstream news channels on T.V. lie to us every day.  Everything they say, everything they slant and spin is either a complete lie, an omission of facts, or a slanted angle to make things sound as they really are not.  We know this, but sometimes it’s kinda fun to show their silly antics.  What’s ironic here is, they literally think it’s the PEOPLE who are dumb, when in reality, we see through them, and they appear pretty stupid to the world.

For most of us now, we know how the fake news really is fake news.  Owned and controlled completely.  They are not just puppets, they are harbingers of the N.W.O.

Mainstream News Following The Script

This should be really embarrassing, but apparently it isn’t.  ABC news LITERALLY took footage, edited it and made it look like it was a firefight that happened in Syria.  Meanwhile, it was really footage from… well, you can see.


Now this is really sick and twisted, and totally part of a crazy world system.  CBS news caught on camera faking Carona Virus testing lines!   This was during the height of the so called pandemic, only a few weeks in.  When hospitals were crying that they were overwhelmed with too many patients and too many needing tests!  Meanwhile… in REALITY their testing tents were empty, so they had to engineer their own lines with actors.  They literally had their own staff members get in their cars to form a line at the testing tents to make it look like the testing site was busy!


Shameful?  Not for the owned and controlled mainstream news!  They don’t care in the least.  They are part of the beast system that is taking over now. 

News Media Caught Red Handed Using Dummies in Pandemic Footage

So did you feel relatively comfortable watching FOX News?  As the propaganda campaign starting losing momentum, they needed to fake photos from Chaz

Fox News Caught Faking Chaz Photos
As the Propaganda of Protests Falls Apart