CNN just became Antifa’s go-to network with one insane lie

CNN just became Antifa’s go-to network with one insane lie

Antifa proves more and more every day why they are a domestic terrorist group.

Over the weekend, they even killed a Trump supporter in Portland.

And CNN just became Antifa’s go-to network with one insane lie.

The power of the internet has made it impossible to ignore the widespread violence from Antifa in cities like Portland, Oregon. A simple search online shows their constant violence. For over 90 days they have held nightly riots in the city.

But fake news networks like CNN largely downplay this violence, claiming they are nothing more than “peaceful protests.”

For the past few months, they have outright lied and claimed that there hasn’t actually been any rioting, despite video proving that to be false.

But in recent days, after the Joe Biden campaign admitted that there is rioting, they have begun to report on it.

One would think that is a positive sign.

But following Joe Biden’s lead, they are claiming that the rioting which exists is not coming from Antifa and Black Lives Matter, but rather that it is Trump supporters rioting to make liberals look bad.

CNN political commentator Keith Boykin used a recent broadcast on the network to make that ridiculous claim.

On a recent segment, former Obama official Jim Sciutto asked Boykin, “Should Democrats be concerned about that particularly in a swing state like Wisconsin?”

Boykin answered the question by putting the blame on violence squarely on Trump.

“No, I don’t think they should be terribly concerned about this, because if you look at what’s happening, Joe Biden is the one who repeatedly condemned the violence and called for peaceful demonstrations,” Boykin lied. “Donald Trump has not done that. It’s the Trump supporters who are out here causing mayhem. It’s the Trump supporter in Kenosha who killed two people just last week.”

Boykin pointed at the incident involving Kyle Rittenhouse, which video evidence has proven acted in self-defense. Rittenhouse was attacked on two different occasions while in Kenosha, Wisconsin, which resulted in him having to fire his weapon, killing two people.

They launched violent attacks against the teen, who only fired his weapon after being viciously attacked. Biden has spent months working overtime to appease Black Lives Matter, who have been fomenting violence. He has only called out violence in cities like Kenosha and Portland in an attempt to blame Trump.


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